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List of Publications:

20. The foreground transfer function for HI intensity mapping signal reconstruction: MeerKLASS and precision cosmology applications

19. MeerKLASS simulations: Mitigating 1/f noise for auto-correlation intensity mapping measurements

18. HI intensity mapping with MeerKAT: power spectrum detection in cross-correlation with WiggleZ galaxies

17. Detecting the power spectrum turnover with HI intensity mapping

16. Baryon acoustic oscillations from HI intensity mapping: the importance of cross-correlations in the monopole and quadrupole

15. Measurements of the diffuse Galactic synchrotron spectral index and curvature from MeerKLASS pilot data

14. SKAO HI Intensity Mapping: Blind Foreground Subtraction Challenge

13. Gaussian Process Regression for foreground removal in HI intensity mapping experiments

12. HI intensity mapping correlation function from UNIT simulations: BAO and observationally induced anisotropy

11. The HI intensity mapping bispectrum including observational effects

10. HI constraints from the cross-correlation of eBOSS galaxies and Green Bank Telescope intensity maps

9. HI intensity mapping with MeerKAT: Calibration pipeline for multi-dish autocorrelation observations

8. 21cm foregrounds and polarization leakage: a user’s guide on cleaning and mitigation strategies

7. Multipole expansion for HI intensity mapping experiments: unbiased parameter estimation

6. The degeneracy between primordial non-Gaussianity and foregrounds in 21cm intensity mapping experiments

5. Multipole expansion for HI intensity mapping experiments: simulations and modelling

4. Impact of Foregrounds on HI Intensity Mapping Cross-Correlations with Optical Surveys

3. Cosmology with Phase 1 of the Square Kilometre Array; Red Book 2018: Technical specifications and performance forecasts

2. HI Intensity Mapping for Clustering-Based Redshift Estimation

1. Observational selection biases in time-delay strong lensing and their impact on cosmography

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